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Campus Was Born From Collaboration

The new online training program delivered through Fun Academy Campus was truly exciting for us at The Campus Company—a gathering of educators worldwide, coming together remotely for professional development. During the first Campus kickoff course of Fun Learning Educator (FLE) trainees, we were able to witness the participation of educators from 4 continents, 9 countries—diverse corners of the world, including Germany, Finland, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Brazil,...

What Fun Academy needed, to deliver the FLE experience remotely, was a simple FUSS-FREE solution that minimizes any issues that might get in the way of a smooth training experience and focusing on the topic. Based on all their experiences in hybrid training over the years they were now looking to find the optimal solution. Neither the trainers nor participants wanted to have trouble finding the right content or connecting to the live webinars. These hurdles had been a nuisance for years. So we took the challenge to heart and started simplifying the process for trainers and trainees. Read more about the fuss-free simple Campus process here: xx

Our team at The Campus Company brings over a decade of experience in international teacher training, encompassing onsite, online, and hybrid methodologies, and several decades of experience in educational content development. Drawing from this wealth of experience, we have crafted the online training platform to be seamlessly integrated with any course topics. Initially developed to address the specific needs of Fun Academy, the Campus platform has proven to be highly effective in facilitating effective training—remotely or as part of a hybrid solution. We are grateful for the partnership with Fun Academy, whose vision and collaboration have been instrumental in the development of our Campus solution.

The Campus course structure is designed to guide participants through a three-stage model, ensuring comprehensive and personalized learning experiences. Each course module begins with an opportunity for participants to reflect on the topic at a personal level, followed by an exploration of the topic and its implications for their professional practice. Finally, the webinar stage allows participants to synthesize their insights and apply them to their individual contexts.

One of the key highlights of a Campus experience is the creation of personalized PDF notebooks by each participant, serving as tangible evidence of their professional growth and development throughout the course. Campus also awards diplomas upon completion of the courses.

None of this progress could have been possible without the amazing coders behind Campus, working under the hood—making it possible for us now to have this experience of "press-and-play", just the way we like it: SIMPLE to use, with focus on what matters, the connection between the trainer and their course content and the trainees who meet on Campus—fuss-free.

Looking at Fun Academy's FLE course we feel very satisfied knowing that on every course on our Campus you can now foster such a collaborative and supportive learning community where the participants can exchange ideas, share experiences, and inspire one another.

So why not insert your content onto this effective Campus and enjoy fuss-free training.


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