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A Delegation from Zimbabwe

The Education Committee Chairman of the Parliament of Zimbabwe and Education Ministry members visited Finland on a weeklong study tour, organized in partnership with the Embassy of Zimbabwe for Sweden, Finland, and Estonia, the NGO SahWira, Fun Academy, and Helsinki Education Consulting group. During their visit, the delegation explored various educational institutions including the Education Ministry, the Finnish National Agency for Education, the Parliament of Finland, the University of Helsinki, public and private preschools, and the Helsinki Education Hub.

Fun Academy Campus held its first Campus course module onsite during that visit with our honorable guests receiving their diplomas upon completion of the session. This module is now part of the Fun Learning Educator Basic course offered on our Campus.

We also boast that the first online delivery of this course on our Campus had several Zimbabwean educators as participants. We are loving the sharing and dialogue between teachers from all over the world—in this particular case from 4 continents and 9 countries.


Campus is working on sharing all partner resources with the educators and students in Ukraine. We start with with Fun Academy partners who have been busy creating and repurposing resources to be used to support the children in need. Campus offers training in how to utilize the materials, and to share contents with and from Ukraine.

A Shared Vision

These partnerships and visits unite organizations and individuals from different countries and sectors, all united in a shared mission. Campus can be an integral tool and meeting point for all of us working on a brighter future, and bringing great high quality learning opportunities to all walks of life all around the world.

Ministry Collaborations

The Campus Company gladly participates in high level delegations visiting Finland, looking to find ways to share and collaborate in the name of creative a brighter future through education. We take pride in being able to also introduce our guests to edtech solutions and other innovations of our ecosystem partners.

Our Achievements

- Study tours
- Training onsite
- Training online
- Resource translations
- Collaborations with Fun Academy

The Ministry for Education and Science of Ukraine and UIED, The Embassy of Zimbabwe to Finland

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