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In the hustle and bustle of early childhood education, professionals often grapple with multiple challenges. Between ensuring children's safety, fostering their curiosity, and supporting their unique developmental needs, there's a lot on their plate. Taina Mikkola, having witnessed these challenges firsthand in 2015, saw an opportunity. With the foundation of understanding that each child's journey is unique and recognizing the significance of child-initiated education, TinyApp was born.

Child-initiated early childhood education is pivotal. It revolves around the principle that children learn best when they are intrinsically motivated. When a child's strengths and interests are placed at the center of their learning experience, they are more engaged, curious, and eager to explore. This form of education is not just about imparting knowledge; it's about nurturing a lifelong love for learning.

TinyApp is not just an application; it's a philosophy transformed into a tool. It's a beacon for educators, shedding light on the areas where a child shines the brightest and indicating paths that might best resonate with a child's natural inclinations. Campus recognizes the connection between the Fun Learning approach and TinyApp's philosophy, so have a look at the TinyApp course and the Fun Learning Educator course for insights into pedagogical documentation.


TinyApp is a pedagogical tool for documentation, planning and communication in the area of early childhood education. They offer a great course on the Campus, highlighting the benefits of using such great pedagogical support their tool offers.

Our Achievements

- The TinyApp Companion course to the Fun Learning Educator Basic porgam

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