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Campus: Your Zero-Fuss Edtech Solution

  • Experience Impactful Results

  • Earn Recognition

  • Boost Engagement

  • Enjoy Simplicity

Simple: Participant

1-2-3 Process

  1. Sign up on Campus using the ID provided by your trainer.

  2. Learn the course material on your own and join the webinars.

  3. When you finish the course successfully, you'll get a diploma.

Simple: Trainer 3 + 1 Process

  1. Sign the Trainer agreement and upload your content to Campus.

  2. Review your content and participant list; invite participants and begin the course.

  3. Monitor participants' portfolio work and provide comments as needed. These comments are private to each participant.

  4. Issue diplomas to participants upon completion and approval of all assignments.

For Companies

Learning made simple for training staff or customers.


A simple solution for easy course creation & management.

For Trainers

Simply upload your content, set your price, choose live or recorded webinars.

For Students

Everything you need in one place—videos, texts, webinars, assignments.

Pretty Notes

Simple note taking: assignments auto-compiled into PDF portfolios.

Simple 3-phase Model


Our online training platform Campus offers a seamless watch—read—​participate model for trainers and students, ensuring effective outcomes.


Submit content directly, organize automatically, and receive or deliver context-related comments.

Award or receive diplomas for each completed course, showcasing the dedication and skills.

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