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Partner Cases

Fun Academy

One of Fun Academy's hybrid training courses originally inspired the design and development of the simple Campus platform ❤️ Explore this Fun Learning Educator Basic course that discusses the principles of Fun Learning, and provides valuable insights for teachers of young children.


Together with our partners we are participating in a series of projects via Campus to provide support for Ukrainian families, children and youth both in Ukraine and those who have been displaced from the country. 


TinyApp's user training is available on Campus. TinyApp offers a range of benefits tailored for both educators and managers in early childhood education. Explore how it can streamline your daily processes, empower your pedagogical work, and foster collaboration with families.

Continuous Development

Tan Thoi Dai, TTD, a school chain in Vietnam is dedicated to continuous training of their teachers in the name of lifelong learning. Campus is a no-fuss solution aiming to support their needs.

With Universities

Through various university partnerships, we foster innovation, knowledge exchange, and research to create impactful learning experiences. 

Ministry Collaborations

We share a vision of empowering children, parents, and educators, promoting equal opportunities and holistic development. By working collaboratively, we aim to provide the best start in life for every child, fostering a lifelong love for learning.

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