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Fun Academy played an essential role in shaping Campus by sharing their insights, needs, and challenges encountered in remote and hybrid training. Previously, valuable resources were diverted to address technical and organizational issues, detracting from the primary focus on training itself.

Campus was conceived to address this gap, allowing Fun Academy to concentrate solely on their training objectives. By streamlining operations, we removed unnecessary burdens: trainers now enjoy a seamless "plug-and-play" solution, while trainees no longer struggle to access course materials or submit assignments.

The elimination of back-office hassles was evident from the outset: during the inaugural cohort of the 6-month FLE (Fun Learning Educator) course comprising over 50 participants from 9 countries across 4 continents, operations ran smoothly, relieving coordinators of erstwhile burdens and enabling them to redirect their focus to core business activities.

Fun Academy

One of Fun Academy's hybrid training courses originally inspired the design and development of the simple Campus platform ❤️ Explore this Fun Learning Educator Basic course that discusses the principles of Fun Learning, and provides valuable insights for teachers of young children.

Our Achievements

- Hosting the Fun Learning Educator Basic course (first ever course on Campus)
- Co-Designing the Fun Academy training architecture

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