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As part of their commitment to improvement, TTD offers continuous professional development opportunities for their staff on 10 campuses together with Fun Academy. Our online Campus offers high quality training content, an easy-to use interface and the support the trainers and TTD want and need as part of their ambitions to deliver quality education.

TTĐ is actively spreading awareness about the Fun Learning approach to a broader audience in Vietnam. Already, over 1,000,000 people have been introduced to this innovative approach and a significant number have actively engaged in workshops and sessions focused on discussing and implementing Fun Learning. By joining forces, TTĐ and The Campus Company are aiming to ensure that more children and educators benefit from this cooperation.

Continuous Development

Our partner Tan Thoi Dai TTD Education System in Vietnam has made significant strides in training their teachers in Fun Learning over the years and remains dedicated to their continuous development.

Our Achievements

- Teacher training
- Trainer training
- Onsite and online courses
- Campus partner in Vietnam

Tan Thoi Dai, TTD

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