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Why Is Campus So Great?

Because everything is in one place – no trouble finding the course materials, the webinar or video links, or the participants' own notes.

Because the student receives a nice and crisp PDF of their own notes. This portfolio also eases the trainer's work as they can follow how the students are doing in real-time.

Because the ingenious process is designed to help the course content sink in; the multi-channel approach is effective and ensures the ease of implementing what is learned in the real world. Previously, a nice training session might have been enjoyed, but then returning to business as usual was the end result. With this process, the continuation of the course creates many opportunities to engage with the content so that it actually gets tested and implemented.

Watching a video, reading a text, participating in a webinar, and reflecting on the topic at every phase, topped with some tasks that can be easily put into practice – all this results in a stellar pedagogical system that actually works.

"The Campus remote solution is a standalone process. It also works amazingly as a follow-up to an onsite course; after working together with the group onsite, we follow up with a reminder module on the Campus reinforcing the learning with suggestions and ideas for implementation. Brilliant! A five-star solution ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!" Fun Academy training team

P.S. If you have received your ID from your course Trainer and you know which course you are looking for, you can go directly to Campus and find your course: The Fun Academy Campus

P.S.2: If you are a Trainer and you wish to offer your course on Campus, please contact us here: Contact us to offer your course on Campus


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