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A Mini Revolution in Training & Professional Development

Campus is proud to host an exciting training program that brings together teachers from 9 countries across 4 continents, fostering dynamic international partnerships. This 6-month long 8-module course, designed for working professionals, operates seamlessly on Campus, allowing educators to engage in professional development without disrupting their daily routines.

The course curriculum, tailored to support teachers in their continuous growth, is delivered using Campus's innovative three-stage approach. This ensures effective, transformative, and practical delivery of content, catering to the specific needs and contexts of participants.

One notable feature of this particular course program is its adoption of the Fun Learning approach and framework, designed to make learning engaging and effective for both educators and students. Through Campus, teachers have access to carefully curated resources and materials that promote holistic child development and enhance classroom practices.

The success of the program—and Campus delivery 😁—is evident in the testimonials of participants. Mrs. Mhembere, Deputy Head of Fun Academy Masaisai Preschool in Harare, Zimbabwe, praises the course for its seamless delivery of valuable skills and resources, while Mrs Hope Bango highlights its role in boosting confidence and enhancing classroom practices.

We like to think that Campus plays an important role here, offering experienced teachers a platform that respects their professionalism and appreciates the beauty of diverse cultures coming together to create a rich educational landscape for both them and their students in this peer group. The added rooting and support in this case comes from the local colleagues who come together also onsite to reflect and plan, but nonetheless from the course trainer, and through the opportunity to share within the international peer group. This hybrid communication is a benefit that such a smartly designed digital platform offers as default.

Campus serves as an exemplary platform for delivering impactful training programs, facilitating international collaboration, and empowering educators in their quest for continuous professional development.

At Campus, we view these educators as pioneers who inspire others to appreciate the pedagogical process designed for all by educators and trainers. So why not put Campus to the test with your training course, with your content. We doubt you will regret it!

P.S. If you want to read more about the thoughts of our friends in Harare, or about the Fun Learning Educator training they are participating in, go check out a blog article of our partner Fun Academy.

Photo credits: Fun Academy album, photo of Tavonga Jacqueline Manyonga of NGO SahWira Africa International


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